Random #484

I have a little bit of time, so here goes my randoms: there’s irony in that the time of year set aside for thankfulness and Joy, is also the time of year most people suffer with depression the most…I can’t say no, esp to the people working the kiosks in the mall. I saw someone waiting on me, and in my head I said “girl tell him NO!”. I ended up yelling NO as I sped walked/ran past him like a lunatic. I’m sure people laughed at me. I was so out of breath…how do people exercise in the winter?….muffin doesn’t have pneumonia anymore Praise Jesus…and I didn’t catch it!!…I’m learning how to cut people out of my life. It’s a hard process I think because I have really real abandonment issues AND I just don’t like to quit. So I keep people around way longer than I should. But like I said, I’m learning…super pumped about the weekend because it’s all about hanging out with friends…as a short girl, hugs are extremely sexy. To be all “enveloped” in him is wow. And if you add a forehead kiss?! Got me blushing just thinking about it….I’m pretty sure I’m walking into a super dope season in my life. I promise to remember the little people when I do…I look forward to Thanksgiving morning not only Bc I love all the noise and commotion and aromas, but also because I love to harass everyone with watching the thanksgiving day parade and decorating. Can. Not. Wait…..hug a short girl the right way, she deserves it!…and it’s dressing, not stuffing!….sweet potato pie, not pumpkin pie….

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