Random #477

I was up with the youngest muffin in the middle of the night. His cough was bothering me, and he had a fever. He wanted crackers…the first real “food” he wanted since he got home from school that day, so I scoured the city for crackers. After my second gas station said they were out, I shook my fist to the sky.

Finally found some, made it back home, and doctor’d on him for a little bit.

Then, out of no where, the alarm clock goes off. I stumbled through my house like a zombie with one eye open, getting the oldest together, who then asked me, could I take him later (Late start at school). I said yes, because a couple extra minutes of sleep sounded glorious.

I wasn’t thinking straight. Those few extra minutes of sleep was another round of up and down, that I had done since about 2:30 am. Which only added to the sleepy.

So anyway, my hair, which was clearly a “Pick your afro daddy, cuz it’s flat on one side” situation, needed the attention I could not give. So I plopped my CAVS Championship hat over it, threw on a hoodie over a dress and some flip flops, one eye still open, and drove the oldest to school. Had I had about two more minutes of sleep I would’ve been embarrassed at my appearance.

He talked incessantly. I could barely respond.

On my way home…that’s when it happened. I saw Bambi. She was at the curb, looking around. Normally I slow down and wait, because where there is one, there is another.

But not today. Today, I was too tired. I looked at Bambi and said “You come out here if you want to! You will be my dinner!! And you better tell yo homies, wherever they are lurking, that ya’ll got a live one today because I am not slowing down at all!! So stay put!” I may or may not have called her some bad names. And I may or may not have shook my fist at her.

She just looked at me. I drove my normal speed, right past her. Because I am one tired G!


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