Random #476

I had a dream last night about my Uncle Mordechi.

We were reunited, and I began to tell him how much I love him and missed him. I shared with him how he inspired me. It was extremely important to me to share my feelings with him.

I got emotional and began to cry. This caused him to get a little choked up. He dabbed his eyes and hugged me. It was a long beautiful hug.

I woke up feeling a little emotional. And peaceful.

The only thing is….

I don’t have an Uncle Mordechi!! I don’t even KNOW a Mordechi!! None of my friends have introduced me to an Uncle Mordechi!

After the peaceful feeling from my dream subsided, I laid there and my smile slowly dissolved into a furrowed brow and twisted up lips. “WHO THE HECK IS MORDECHI?!” I asked out loud.

I don’t know. But at least now he knows I loved him…

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