Random #471

Rain is like nature’s music. It’s so soothing to me…intoxicating even…HAVE YA’LL EVER HEAR OF “TOE CLEAVAGE”? I hadn’t until recently. I have to say, I was quite taken by this compliment. For years people have made fun of my toes (My big toe is like a grape amongst raisins…it was a random) but now I’m getting compliments. See how God restores?…I was having a conversation with a stranger,and I asked him how old was he. He said 21. I said “Aw your just a baby”. He looked quizzically at me and said “Baby?…well how old are you?” I responded 35. He replied “Oh. Wow!! I thought you were my age. I had no idea that you were that old!”. Best. Back-handed. Compliment. Ever. I’m so geeked that I look like I’m still in my 20s!!

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