Random #470

Do you ever wanna tell God “No offense but I think you’re doing this wrong”?

I was checking out today, and there was couple behind me who was clearly in love. The cashier noticed as well. “Aw…you all are so cute!” she cooed and she swiped my items.

The woman looked up into her bae’s eyes and said “Aw….he is really is my best friend”.

The cashier goes “Yea…that’s how it is with me and my boyfriend”

I smiled at the pack of bacon that she was swiping, as I silently threw up in my head.

Woman says “It took me 45 years to find him. I’m so thankful”.

I checked my drivers licence, remembered I was 35, and that’s when me and God started talking. “God I hope you love me more than you love her because I don’t want to wait 10 more years!” I grabbed my bags, smiled at the couple and left.

Guess what happened? I walked right into the “Do you come here often” guy from yesterday. And we weren’t at CVS…

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