Random #423

My sis is one of those organic eating people. I think she grows her own flour, makes home made muffins full of vitamins and sunshine, and sweet potato pancakes with home spun sugar, that contains sweet.
I asked her could I come for breakfast but bring my own pork bacon. Because as you’ve probably guessed, her household has never tasted pork. Or fried chicken.
On the phone yesterday she was sharing how her 3 year old still does not sleep through the night. I did not hesitate to tell her if he had a piece of bacon or some ribs he would sleep just fine!!

2 thoughts on “Random #423”

  1. Ummmm sooo I LOVE YOUR BLOG. How cool are you to just have your random thoughts shared in one place like this. This post is too funny lol I agree, sometimes you just need some real hearty food to fix everything.

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