Random #488

Last night the oldest muffin saw me putting on makeup in the mirror. He said “Mom you are beautiful just the way you are.” in the most loving tone. Melted my heart like butter. I smiled at him, my heart full of joy and pride and love for this little man child who knows that beauty that is his mother.

He walked a little closer. “So who is he?” His tone shifted to something a little darker. He squinted at me. I almost got scared. I never said I was going out on a date, but clearly he had figured it out.

He then got close to my ear and whispered, Batman-like in my ear, and said “Make sure he knows, I have eyes all over this city. So he better not try anything. No one is good enough for you.”

He kissed me on my cheek. “Goodnight” he said and walked away.

I’m still sitting in the same spot….a little scared….

He’s 13…