Random #448

The other day, I had to fill out a survey.

The first question was: what is your short term goal? I replied, to get out of spanx.

The second question was: what is your long term goal? I replied, to STAY out of spanx.

Don’t tell me I don’t have goals! Lol

Random #446

It NEVER fails:

When I am dressed to the 9’s, with my make-up flawless and my hair on point and my waist snatched and my whatever is whatever’ed, and I’m looking like new money with the class of old money…I see no one. Not a soul. I don’t even see the mail man!

Oh, but when I am looking like a regular at Wal-mart, I see my ex boyfriend, the guy I been eyeballing, the guy I went out with 3 days ago, my old hair dresser, the girl who works at Popeyes who I had to say “yo momma” to when she tried to play me on the Tuesday special, I see my ex boyfriend stank momma who never liked me (I mean, what is there NOT to like), I see my old acting coach who told me don’t quit my day job, I see the guy who fired me from my day job….and the mailman. It never fails.