Random #439

The oldest muffin gets in the car and says “What’s for dinner?”

I reply, “No, ‘hello’? You better put some respeK on it!”

To which he says “Mom, a man needs TREE square meals a day…”

A family that laughs together!

Random #438

One time, I was driving on the highway with my muffins, my friend and her son. We were looking for a place to stop. As I scanned the signs I said “Ooh what about Popeye’s?”

Her kid said “What’s Popeye’s?”.

I screeched the car to a halt so hard I swerved. The car stopped in the middle of the lane. I gripped the wheel. Hard. I was dismayed!! I slowly turned my head towards him with gritted teeth and asked, “What did you say?”

He repeated the question. Cars honked at us. My kids yelled out the window “It’s an emergency! Go around us!”.

I looked at my friend and slowly shook my head. I eased the car back into traffic and headed to Popeye’s.

I opened his world that day.

Parents! We MUST teach our children!!


Random #437

This morning, as we were running late, I looked at the youngest’ face and started fussing about his lack of lotion. I ended it with, “You out here looking crazy!”

He took in my socks and sandals, bleached hoodie (hood on to cover up my twists that had yet to be released into gorgeous naturaliciousness) and my jogging capris that have faded with time and simply said, “We all are”…