Random #436

I was in my sanctuary this morning, Target, doing what I do best…moseying up and down the aisles, relishing in all the pretty, sparkly, cool, chic, awesome, funky things, when I heard a baby scream. It was a piercing, never ending scream.
And I believe that every viable egg I had left in my young body gave up the ghost. I think that about 2 seconds into that scream, my body went into menopause.
I got too hot…sweltering hot…started sweating…had to take off my jacket…grabbed a nearby poster board and fanned myself.
I wanted to find that baby and yell “SHUT UP” the same way Uncle Jesse yelled at baby Michelle on the very first episode of Full House.
Listen, I am thankful for the gift and opportunity to be a member of motherhood…
I am also thankful that, THAT stage is over…