Random #435

I find it so mind boggling that my kids CARRY their gloves IN their hands, while outside, instead of WEARING them ON their hands. Is it that they don’t understand the concept of gloves? Where they go? What’s their purpose? I don’t know!
I said to them, while it was 10 degrees, “when ya fangas fall off do not say one word to me!”
The oldest muffin replies, “Whose fangas have actually ever fallen off?”
I had no viable answer off the top of my head so after a few seconds of silence I yelled “Shut up and wear your gloves when you’re outside!”.
My generation never would’ve asked that. Are they smarter than us, or bolder?
And did he punk me?

Random #434

Facetimed my mom today.
Her: Ooh Vee your face is so round
Me: yea I know. I don’t want to talk about it
Her: You know you’ve always had a full face…
Me: I know ma…I’ve been on medication
Her: I know….but ooooh it’s just to round
Me: Ma I said I don’t want to talk about it
Her: ok………….but it’s just soooo round